Hi, I am Nadine Ginzel.

I am a photographer and graphic designer from Berlin, Germany. I graduated with a diploma in communication design at the Berlin Technical School of Art in 2007 and worked at an advertising agency for customers like Berliner Morgenpost and Natural American Spirit. I created content for online-catalogs, packaging, product and fashion photography. My main fields I like to work in are portrait, lifestyle, film/ acting, fashion/ beauty, music and event.


Exhibition "Semidark" @ "Mein Haus am See" in Berlin (2020)



“Nadine has a very good eye! Her images are gentle and sensitive. Through her activity as an art director, she understands each image so right to set the scene. No matter whether it is a pure portrait or a staging in space. Nadine always manages to capture the right moment. Her handling with light and people makes every picture special. Her photography is very versatile, because she finds many topics interesting and likes to try new things.”